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My Unusual Story - How Gallery Of Hope Came To Be

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My Unusual Story - How Gallery Of Hope Came To Be

I'm not someone who likes sharing my private life with the world but thought that if I share my unusual story then it might in some way help others or maybe a specialist will see it and know how to possibly help me. Here is my long story made short:

In 2010 I had what doctors are calling a "complicated migraine" but to me it was closer to a mini stroke. It caused sharp pain in my right temple, some discomfort in the back right side of my head, very large grey zigzags, and colorful auras that remind me of space dust photos. After leaving work I had to sit out in the car for a long time because my head felt funny. Originally, my plan was to drive to the emergency room but it seemed further away than home, so home became my destination. With my head feeling weird, several times I had to pull over. Looking back now, it is easy to see the error in driving, but I'm not sure my brain was thinking clearly at the time. Then after finally getting home I had to sit out in the car for awhile because I couldn't remember how to turn it off. This "episode" started an intermittent motion sensitivity or visual vertigo where some days with or without a headache I would get up and the floor would move as I walked and fixtures at work would also move as I walked.

In 2012 at work again, I had a second "episode" similar to the first but this one didn't cause my head to feel as weird. My eyes couldn't focus to read letters, couldn't remember coworkers names, and after seeing my arm too close like in 3D knew I needed to leave work. This "episode" caused the motion sensitivity or visual vertigo to be constant, it has never gone away. I went through vestibular therapy, had to learn how to walk with the motion, refused to become disabled, and taught myself how to drive again with the motion sensitivity. Both of these episodes caused severe muscle tension in my neck and back for about three weeks, and arm tingling & shortness of breathe for a couple months afterward, but this second one also caused me to fall backwards for about six months. It was after having this episode, being off work for three months, and not having money for Christmas that I got a $99 Nikon Coolpix Camera that was featured in a Black Friday store advertisement. Originally, it was going to be a family gift but my kids didn't seem that thrilled with it and I became addicted to Nature Photography.

In 2014 I pulled into a local park and my car was attacked by another vehicle which rear-ended me 4 to 6 times causing my head to go forward and back with each impact causing a concussion, whiplash, severe soft tissue damage, and some how injuring my right ear. My headaches are different than before and the right ear is symptomatic to water, rain & lightning, people talking, and other noises which in turn makes my balance/equilibrium worse. In 2015 two weeks of daily muscular migraines caused problems with my perception so that the flat floor would be angled downhill or uphill and kitchen counters would be too tall or short. Thankfully this mostly subsided but it left my vision perception "off" where it's not normal anymore, so I don't feel comfortable in driving. Once in a while the counters still become too tall or short.

Nature Photography became my passion, strength, and hope. It helped me deal with my medical issue(s) and the depression that kept trying to tear me down from having a limited life. This hobby was/is my life saver along with my faith in God. I'm not able to get out there like before, so new pictures are limited but it's still healing for me to turn them into Apparel, Home Decor, and Electronic Accessories Items to help others with their situations. Even though this blog might sound like I've had to deal with a lot, there are many dealing with medical or mental issues much worse than this. Since taking Nature Photos is healing for me, I'm passing them on to others for Hope. My goal is to help as many as possible utilizing my photography.

If you have a balance problem or an unusual medical condition please share it.